Foundations in Positive Psychology Coaching

Acquire the skills to transform your clients’ lives for the better with this ICF accredited course.

Instructor: Dr. Marie Stopforth
Dates: September 8, 2021 - September 29, 2021 - 10:00AM – 1:00PM EST
ICF credits: 7.2 core competencies / 4.8 resource development


Course Overview

This course introduces students to the emerging field of Applied Positive Psychology Coaching - and the relationship between positive psychology and coaching psychology.

The course also explores the importance of evidence-based coaching, and the underpinning role that positive psychology and coaching psychology can play in this.

You will become familiar with core theories that underpin positive psychology coaching, and learn to apply these in coaching conversations to enhance the well-being, strengths, potential, performance and goal attainment of your clients.

You will also learn about the role of emotions in moderating behaviour and cognitions, and explore how coaching can help clients with emotion management.

Course Learning Objectives

During the Foundations in Positive Psychology Coaching course, you will:

  • Understand the genesis of Positive Psychology Coaching, with roots from Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.
  • Comprehend the definition of Positive Psychology Coaching. Explore the importance of taking an integrated approach in combining the science and practice of positive psychology and coaching psychology, with the application of evidence-based coaching.
  • Learn about the relevant core theories that underpin positive psychology coaching that is informed by positive psychology and coaching psychology, and apply these in coaching conversations.
  • Learn and practice applying evidence-based coaching approaches such as cognitive behavioural coaching (CBC), solution-focused coaching (SFC) and Acceptance and Commitment Coaching (ACC).
  • Discuss and explore ways that coaching can help clients manage their emotions and behaviors.
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Course Details

This course is delivered online via four three hour live, interactive sessions on Zoom. In total, there are 12 live training hours across four weeks, plus assessments.

Week 1: Introduction to positive psychology coaching

  • What is Positive Psychology Coaching (PPC)?
  • Drawing parallels & debunking myths
  • Rationale for the need for convergence of the two disciplines of positive psychology and coaching psychology

Week 2: Introduction of core theories in PPC

  • Discussion of Positive Psychology (PP) theories such as PERMA (Seligman); Psychological Well Being Theory (Ryff); Self Determination Theory (Deci & Ryan); Thrive & Survive theory (Franklin)
  • Why and how to decide on using these theories when coaching a client
  • Discussion of other areas of PP and how can they be incorporated into PPC
  • The difference between PPC and delivering PPIs

Week 3: Applying evidence-based PPC

  • Evidence based coaching approaches
  • Triad coaching on applying specific coaching approaches
  • Discussion on operationalizing PPC

Week 4: Understanding emotions in PPC

  • The role of emotions in subjective well being
  • How emotions impact on our subjective well being
  • Relationship between emotion and cognition
  • Role of coaching in emotion management

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Marie Stopforth

Marie is a Coaching Psychologist, educator, facilitator and coach supervisor who works with individuals and teams in the areas of performance and wellbeing, and with business leaders and managers around individual and organizational effectiveness.

For nearly 20 years, Marie has been publishing research, and creating and delivering educational programs at the Undergraduate and Master levels.

She is a former Program Leader for the MAPPCP at the University of East London, where she and her co-Program Leader developed a more integrated program for Positive Psychology Coaching. She has published and presented on positive psychology coaching and coaching psychology.

Marie is also a committee member and professional development lead for the Special Group on Coaching Psychology with the British Psychological Society.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IPPC curriculum is advanced training and not for those who are only starting to learn how to become a coach. Our program is for trained and accredited coaches and other professions such as therapists, leaders, HR professionals and entrepreneurs who have already incorporated coaching into their skill set and offerings.

Therefore, we review all applications to ensure that everyone is starting at the same level.

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