Positive Psychology Coaching for Positive Leadership

Learn how to give your clients the tools to excel in positive leadership with this ICF accredited course.

Instructor: Sok-Ho Trinh
Dates: April 13, 2021 – May 4, 2021 - 9:00am – 12:00pm Est
ICF Credits: 8.6 Core Competencies / 3.4 Resource Development


Course Overview

This course introduces students to positive psychology coaching applied to the concept of Positive Leadership, connecting the dots between theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

This course will also stand as a reference for those who wish to explore the shift of leadership paradigm by putting employee’s wellbeing as a core priority.

This is particularly relevant for leaders, aspiring leaders, leadership coaches, leadership development professionals, and professionals who work with leaders.

Course Learning Objectives

During the Positive Psychology Coaching for Positive Leadership course, you will:

  • Learn the latest humanistic and evidence-based leadership to be at the forefront of driving high performance and growth through wellbeing.
  • Practice and self-reflect on personal transformational activities to allow positive leadership mindset shifts, and behavioral change rooted in science to lead change initiatives with exceptional results.
  • Understand and learn to apply leadership with a basis in positive psychology coaching to boost engagement and satisfaction, ensuring the wellbeing of teams and driving your business impact.
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Course Details

This course is delivered online via four three hour live, interactive sessions on Zoom. In total, there are 12 live training hours across four weeks, plus assessments.

Week 1: Foundations of PPC in the context of Positive Leadership (PPCPL) 

  • Introduction to this course, learning objectives, and practice of an alliance design
  • Coaching individual and groups/team: conceptual and theoretical principles
  • Positive leadership: underpinning research – theories and live practice
  • The merge of positive leadership, positive psychology, coaching psychology  and the practice of coaching: latest research

Week 2: Transform and lead yourself  

  • PPC, leadership and the self: demystification
  • Inner positive-leadership : theories
  • Practice clinic: theories discussion and practice on inner leadership

Week 3: Transform and lead others 

  • Coaching in positive leadership development: demystification
  • Industry case: coaching models for positive leadership development
  • Practice clinic: positive leadership development

Week 4: Positive transformation in organisations 

  • Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) and coaching: demystification
  • Industry example: Appreciative Coaching (AI), the 4P model©
  • Practice clinic: AI and 4P model©

Meet Your Instructor

Sok-Ho TrinhSok-ho Trinh

Sok-ho is a Passionologist, educator, research, speaker, and global-minded business leader.

Inspired by humanistic values inherited from his parents and siblings who survived the Cambodian genocide, Sok-ho founded the Institute of Passion, a wellbeing and cross-disciplinary scientific institute; Mr Passion, a Positive Psychology Coaching and human capital development practice; and launched the Passionology movement to unleash people’s purpose and passion through social and behavoural sciences.

In addition to 15 years in global organizations in senior roles in retail and consumer analytics and as an entrepreneur, Sok-ho is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a past instructor of the MAPPCP program.

He also served as an advisory board member and mentor to social enterprises.

His own passions include music, travel, good food, and discovering cultures, minds, and people.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IPPC curriculum is advanced training and not for those who are only starting to learn how to become a coach. Our program is for trained and accredited coaches and other professions such as therapists, leaders, HR professionals and entrepreneurs who have already incorporated coaching into their skill set and offerings.

Therefore, we review all applications to ensure that everyone is starting at the same level.

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