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The IPPC's Level 2 program builds upon the required Level 1 courses, and includes more opportunities for hands-on application of the evidence-based applied positive psychology coaching techniques and approaches that you will have learned in Level 1.

To earn Level 2 certification, you must first complete Level 1, plus 2 additional courses that are only available to those enrolled in Level 2 (all eligible for credit toward ICF hours).

  1. Foundations in Positive Psychology Coaching (7.2 core competencies / 4.8 resource development)
  2. Positive Psychology Coaching and the Strengths-Based Approach (7.4 CC / 4.6 RD)
  3. Positive Psychology Coaching for Enhancing Resilience (9.5 CC / 2.5 RD)
  4. Positive Psychology Coaching for Positive Leadership (8.6 CC / 3.4 RD)
  5. Practicing Applied Positive Psychology Coaching (6.43 CC / 5.57 RD)
  6. Choose one (1) of the following electives:
    1. The Science of Wellbeing for Positive Psychology Coaching (5.3 CC / 6.7 RD)
    2. Positive Psychology Coaching and Mindfulness (5.25 CC / 6.75 RD)
    3. Positive Psychology Coaching and Building a Meaningful Life (6.5 CC / 5.5 RD)
  7. Practicum – Portfolio Building (Level 2) (13.9 CC / 4.1 RD)
    1. plus 6 monthly group coaching supervision sessions
  8. The Business of Coaching (Level 2) (3.75 CC / 14.25 RD)
    1. plus 6 private coaching sessions

Course Structure

Every IPPC course is delivered entirely live online, so you can connect to our classes and instructors from anywhere around the world.

Our course content and training is composed of foundational theories and a majority of practical application, with real-life case studies and examples. Our learner-centric approach allows you to be active participants in your own learning. There will be small discussion groups, where you can process your learning alongside your peers, and both share and take in diverse perspectives.

Your instructors take on a coaching and mentoring role as they deliver the content. Their teaching style includes pedagogical approaches such as constructivism, collaboration, inquiry-based learning, and reflection.

We’ve also outlined the time commitment for the two additional courses, so you can determine how they would best fit your life and your goals.


You will be assessed through evidence of participation and learning (e.g., a written assignment, questionnaire, written reflection, portfolio, etc.).




Our global faculty offers a hybrid of expertise and experience as scholars and practitioners in the fields of positive psychology coaching, positive psychology, coaching psychology and/or psychology. They are skilled at connecting the dots, understanding theories, and applying them seamlessly in their work and life – and they can help you learn how to do the same.

Coaches and Mentors

Our coaches and mentors are seasoned practitioners with formal training in coaching as well as the field of applied positive psychology and/or coaching psychology. They have many years of experience in coaching individuals, teams and organizations across diverse industries, geographies and cultures.

Together with the experienced team of experts at the IPPC, our coaches and mentors are focused on your success, and here to help guide and support you every step of the way.